Fashion Accessories: Do accessories ever go out of style?

7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style

When you make a luxury purchase, do you reach for the newest trend or something more timeless?  While we love following the most recent fads, we really appreciate a piece will look as fashionable ten years from now as it does today.  We have gathered up a list of accessories that will never go out of style.  Make sure you have these seven pieces in your collection!

A Strand of Pearls


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style
Photo courtesy of Mikimoto


There are few accessories more timeless than a single string of pearls.  This classic piece of jewelry pairs with nearly any outfit, and will look just as beautiful on your grandchildren as it does on you!  Maybe you are lucky enough to have inherited your grandmother’s pearls.  If not, try this set from Mikimoto.  It will be an heirloom that you can pass down through the generations.

We suggest: Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl Set ($2,500)

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses


Photo courtesy of Gucci


Sunglasses a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe, but when you are investing a pair of designer shades which style should you choose?  Classic round tortoise-shell shades are always in style.  Wear them with your summer best as well as other seasons.  They will work with just about any outfit in your wardrobe.

We suggest: Gucci Round Frame Injected Sunglasses ($485)

A Gold Rolex


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style
Photo courtesy of Rolex


While there are occasions for which a flashy timepieces works well, an understated gold wristwatch always looks chic.  Rolex is a name that represents quality craftsmanship.  This will be a watch that will last you for years and your children will love to inherit!  If you don’t have a classic watch in your collection, now is the time to add one.

We suggest: Rolex DateJust 31 (price available upon request)

Black Lambskin Bag


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style
Photo courtesy of Chanel


Ever since Coco Chanel popularized the shoulder bag, the fashion world has loved a small black bag.  Purchase of a lambskin shoulder bag is sure to be a great investment and what other name would you want on it?  This Chanel handbag is a classic that can work for a night on the town or a ritzy formal event.

We suggest: Chanel Small Classic Handbag ($4,700)

Leather Belt


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style
Photo courtesy of Barneys


A black leather belt can elevate an outfit from plain to polished.  A simple leather belt will be on trend for years and can last a lifetime.  Pair with jeans for a casual look or with trousers for something more business casual.

We suggest: Dries Van Noten Leather Belt ($275)

Patterned Scarf


7 Accessories That Will Never Go Out of Style
Photo courtesy of Hermes


If your outfit is looking a little bit bland, a patterned scarf can save the day!  A beautiful silk scarf is timeless accessory.  We have told you before about the making of the Hermes scarf and today we are here to tell you to pick up one for yourself.  Go with a fun print however be sure the colors will work with the clothing that is in your wardrobe already.

We suggest: Hermes Jardin a Sintra scarf 90 ($395)

Nude Heels


Photo courtesy of Christian Loubatin


While high heels are themselves a timeless accessory, nude heels are both versatile and classic.  They can basically work with any outfit and always add a classic touch.  Be sure to choose a heel height that works best for you.

We suggest: Christian Loubatin Nude Heels ( approx. $675)

So, tell us, which of these classic accessories are missing for your wardrobe?  Be sure to add these to your holiday gift list!

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